Beauty will save the world

I am in Sicily – Taormina – for a short-long-weekend with family … It’s about one hour flight from my city ( I live in north italy ) and the weather is just amazing … consider that right now in my town there are 10 degrees less and no evidence of sun !

I was supposed to go on vacation from the 29th till the 5th of january, but then my next chemo was postponed from the 24th to the 29th ( not for their christmas spirit of course, but because they were overcrowded ! ) anyway I made the best out of it and went away this weekend and I also have plans for next week… I feel ( and I am ) really lucky !

Here some pictures of this amazing land !

This is what I call a ” happy bubble ” : a moment where you can forget everything and just be amazed by the beauty of the world … of course I do feel more tired that usual and few hair are starting to fall out, even though the cold cap thing is working ’cause they are really really few, but that would not have been better if I stayed at home !

PS. will update with amazing Sicilian food as soon as I will order pasta and cannoli !

Me with my Mom


Amazing pic nic on the beach


Jelly Fish





4 thoughts on “Beauty will save the world

    • Yep! I tried the cold cap and so far they are holding on ( don’t know if you ever heard of it… is that system where they basically freeze your scalp so that little blood – and therefore medicine – goes to the hair follicles – it doesn’t guarantee anything, but I wanted to give it a try ! ) thank you, and merry christmas to you as well 😊 !

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