One Down

… Fifteen to go !

Sooooo what about my first chemo experience ??

I wasn’t completely lucky because I was suggested to insert a Picc ( peripherally inserted central cathether ) which is basically a little thing that goes up your arm into your main vein, they tried twice but my veins are appereantly really fragile and didn’t work out, Then it took four other tries to finally get a regular catheter on spot … which wasn’t exactly pleasent and took forever, buuuut on the bright side the nurses were really nice ( there was also a Girl born on my same day same month same year ) and the cold cap was absolutely tolerable, I have to say I didn’t even suffer too much from that, my body was hot, only my head extremly cold… but hey, I used to live in Moscow so I know a thing or two about cold !

I already feel a bad headache and nausea but
let’s see how it goes in the next days …

Anyway I am really relieved, one is gone, I started and “siccome siamo in ballo balliamo” which literaly translate to ” since we are already dancing let’s keep dancing ” but wordreference told me that it translates to ” in for a penny, in for a pound ” …



4 thoughts on “One Down

  1. Yes, keep dancing! I hope the effects aren’t too bad. I always found that Day 3 was the roughest one. I think that’s today for you. Prayers and good mojo going your way. I wonder how “mojo” translates. . . . 🙂


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