Keep calm and… The show must go on

A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life

Might she want it or not, I would add.

Anyway, I will have my first chemo on Wednesday and I will try the cold-cap thing in order to save some of my hair. Still the nurse advised me to cut the hair short and to dye them of my own color so I can stop using products on it- there are a number of things you can not do while using the cold caps to help it be more effective. Anyway I have so many hair that should the cap allow me to keep half of it  I would still look pretty normal !

For all those (healthy people) who wonder…Of course my number one priority is to stay tumor-free -as I am now- for the rest of my life and never ever ever have this tumor to come back and metastasize. But unfortunately I cannot do anything about it, only do the treatments knowing that they are good for me, pray and try not to think about the possibility of it coming back in one,two,ten years… But I can do something about my hair and I will definitely do it

so here is how I was



And this is how I am now

Foto del 28-11-14 alle 15.56

Foto del 28-11-14 alle 16.01

Foto del 28-11-14 alle 16.06 #3

“This is  how it works,

you are young until you are not 

you love until you don’t 

you try until you can’t

you laugh until you cry

you cry until you laugh 

and everyone must breathe until their dying breath

Regina Spektor  


5 thoughts on “Keep calm and… The show must go on

  1. You look AMAZING and confident! Welcome to #brandnewyou!
    All the best for tomorrow, mine is 11am London time. I take Emend anti sickness (wonder drug I call it after my awful first cycle without it!) an hour before.
    I will be back in the chair on 24/12 as well…HO FUCKING HO!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Then cross fingers for both of us… ! I hope that doing chemo on 24 december we will be able to rock new years eve! I will bake cookies for everyone ( it’s my new tradition… this is the third year of me not buying presents but baking cookies for everyone… at least nurses are gonna love me 😀 and that can make the difference in my opinion !!! ) xoxo


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