Crazy Cells, Crazy Life

So I found myself walking in the streets of new york at 6.AM – in my PJs- trying desperately to call a doctor that e-mailed me asking to call at 12.00 PM ( which is exactly 6 AM in NY ) so I did it…

of course no one answered as he was very busy and I spoke with yet another unpolite secretary ( I am getting so mean with unpolite doctors, nurses and everyone involved in the tiring burocracy of hospitals …. I don’t need someone to hold my hand, but I definetely don’t need someone to scold me because I called the wrong number either ! )

anyway I ended up with a cup of coffe at central park…

Life really is a beautiful struggle …


PS. to anyone wondering what Love is I think that my boyfriend searching the whole internet ( after a full long day at work ) to understand what a cold cap is and how it works and how to get it, well… I think that might be an answer. I am so thankful and so deeply sorry at the same time !


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