Cold caps

What’s up with cold caps to prevent hair loss during chemo? is that all bullshit ? I don’t mind spending the money or going through pain ( I mean… I do, but I don’t… ) … but I’d love to hear from someone with a first hand experience. I looked it up on the internet but could’t really get a grasp of it. Anyone out there ?

When I was a child and my nonna – grandma- brushed my hair she used to say “ chi bella vuol apparire un po’ di male deve soffrire” which translate to ” In order to look beautiful you have to go through some pain”. Not that keeping my hair on my head is a pure matter of beauty actually, but it really has a different meaning now… I wish she was still here now for a huge hug and some hot chocolate.

PS. consultation in Boston was really helpful, love america more then ever right now. and women make much betters doctors… now on my way back to NY



2 thoughts on “Cold caps

  1. Ahh sorry, only read this post now re cold caps! Well, as you know, yes, it is BLADY BLADY COLD, FREEZING! Yes, you acclimatise…eventually…but it also adds on to your chemo time. Some save most of their hair, others save nothing…well, I am kinds halfway as tomorrow is my 3 rd cycle of 6 treatments and I have lost 40% of my hair.

    I also heard that the next part of my cycle (I am FEC-T), the T is even worse? I am thinking I may need to come to NY just for you to take me shopping for some hats! Oh and that dear friend I mentioned who bought me the book The Secret, she is my bestie and lives in Boston!! I went to visit her more than a year ago and just love it there!



    • I am back in italy now, new york was just a little breack before starting treatment… but, hey… here is even better for shopping 😊 let’s see how it goes with the cold caps! I’ll have 4 red chemo and then 12 with taxol, they should last the first not likely the second… but I wan to give it a try anyway ! I used to live in Moscow, I hope I learned how to tolerate cold there!


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