New York – Day One

I am always a little bit sad when I come back to new york, because I already know that soon I will have to leave. But that goes away quickly because… I just love too much this city, and the people, and the energy, and the noise ( by the way: that’s why the city never sleeps, it’s just impossible ! )

I went to Sarabeth – best place ever ! – and had eggs benedict with salmon to start the day ( I can not stress enough how much I love breakfast when it’s done right – I mean: american style! ) and then I just let the city swallow me…

Here some pictures of lunch at Balthazar




At the end of the day I met with a friend whose sister is fighting ( and even though she still feels bad from the treatments, looks like she won) with leukemia and she told me that this baby – she is now 14 – says that she feels blessed, because she was able to get treated -moneywise- and to survive. she is half my age, and she already has been through so much. I never asked myself ” why me ? ” because well, shit happens. But why her ? this is something no one can explain, I can only hope life will balance it out during the ( long ) rest of her life…

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.

Helen Keller


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