Act with an attitude of gratitude

Everyday I wake up and have a hot cup of tea from a brand named ” yogi tea ”

The yogi tea talks to me. And it’s almost scary how it’s always very appropriate.
For example the day I had the total body scan the tea said to me : ” look for the devil in you “ it really gave me the chills! Today it was ” have an attitude of gratitude” and well, since I am about to get on a plane to New York I think it was definetly the best sentence the tea could ever came up with!


Also … I think I am ready to seat for 8 hours like in a box of sardines ( that’s a very italian say, don’t know if it makes sense in english ! )


The book is from an Italian lady that got breast cancer twice in two years ( both breasts ) in her early forties, the title is: ” Wondy. How to become a superhero to heal from cancer ” she is a real hurricane and I love all this is inspiring stories, as I really wish my life won’t be frozen for the next 8 months. I like to see how others were able to have a “normal” life and do plenty of things… but enough with cancer, I will also watch some adam sandler’s movie on my i-pad !


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