… But the water keeps on falling from my eyes

today I cried.
and it felt so right, so giod.

The first time i was dealing with cancer I didn’t know how to cry and especially how to cry in front of others, now I know that I have to let it go sometimes.

Also someone from the hospital booked me by mistake two differents appointments at the same time. Since I couldn’t fix it I just went there and tried to make it to both , the whole thing was really frustrating !
So the highlight of my day was telling a doctor: “I am so sorry to tell you, it’s not cancer that is stressfull, it’s you! it’s the doctors that are driving me crazy!”

I think cancer ( like menopause ) is something that really liberates you, I often find myself saying the weirdest things that come to my mind ( all very, very true ) because, well… who cares ?

I don’t

The cure for pain

So blood is fire pulsing through our veins
We’re either writers or fools behind the reigns
I’ve spent ten years trying to sing it all way
But the water keeps on falling from my tries

PS. I am leaving for vacations tomorrow, going back to my favourite city in the whole world: new york ! I have friends to visit, places to see, a tattoo to get done and most important lots of breakfasts to eat ! especially a good brunch… that is something italians should really learn from americans: breakfasts ! there’s no comparison!!! so… pancakes here I come !


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