Long Days and Wigs

I have the thickest, longest, softer red hair you can ever imagine.

And here I was today, meeting a woman to show me all kind of different wigs to replace my hair once I will be bald like a baby’s butt. I spent the evening looking at all the different options, I found one made of real hair that were almost as thick as mine and well I have to say it was amazing, beautiful.

All my friends feel the urge to tell me that no one will notice, that my hair will grow back, even better, and I am here telling myself the same, that is such an opportunity to try something different, something I would have never dared of. I am telling myself that I had cancer twice before 30 and twice I was so, oh so, lucky to find it out in time, before it was spread in some crazy place and eventually kill me. So I should not complain about something so vain like my hair.

Point is, I am my hair. Or, ย well, I was my hair. I have to figure it out.

What will I’ll be now ? I know it’s gonna be liberating to some degree, I will probably be myself and not my hair anymore. Eventually I will feel like that, mostly because I don’t really have a choice. And maybe chemo will make me feel so bad that I will really not give a s*it about the rest. I don’t know, cause I still have to wait. Waiting is the worst.

so today I shopped for wigs and problem solved. to everyone. everyone except me.

” the wound is the place where the light enters you – Rumi ”



2 thoughts on “Long Days and Wigs

  1. For what it is worth, my hair came back better after chemo. My life long stick straight hair was replaced by curls and now gentle waves. It is also thicker than before. My hair is the one part of my body that cancer actually improved!


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